Endomondo Sports Tracker Application – The Best Powered by Android


Sports freaks will now not have to worry about getting their actions tracked from across a distance. Are you into fitness activities like swimming, cycling, roller skating or walking? The Endomondo sports tracker application will now make your practice of exercising more thrilling. Let us first understand what Endomondo is all about. This is a place where you get to track all your sports information’s automatically and can also record your presentation over the time. This is a site where you also get to interact with the like-minded community that would accompany you and you can also take their help with the different activities.

Endomondo Sports Tracker AppNow the best thing is that, Endomondo.com is also available in your GPS mobile phone. It is a free of charge software which can be downloaded anytime in your GOS phones directly through the websites. Not all phones support this software. The phones supporting this application are iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Only GPS phones are compatible with the same. Once downloaded, the Endomondo sports tracker application can be used by you for any kind of work conducted outdoor. Let us now know about the features of this application.

Features of Endomondo sports tracker application

Endomondo has an extremely uncontaminated and contemporary boundary. It is orderly and follows a set of principles compares to the other applications. The distance and the time are stated clearly above the screen and below are the average speed. There are varieties of icons in the application. If you need to change from one item to another you just need to hold on to the item and tap on it. Along with these basic features, Endomondo tracker also has options where you can modify your acoustic feedback as well as setting tone alerts for distance, lap time , time as well as goal.

Messages can also be received from friends who also have Endomondo settings in their phone. You can assess your own work outs, set up implicit competitions with your online friends and also communicate with them. The GPS tracker is a very remarkable feature in the phone. It helps track spots very easily and also helps in calculating the accurate distance while running on tracks. The distances can be measured very accurately.

So create your own fitness programs with lot of fun and excitement with this ideal partner for life. It is one of the most well liked and highest rated applications powered by Android which is idyllic for activities which are based on distance like walking, jogging, cycling, running ,swimming and measuring calories. This is an awesome application to have if you are the kind who enjoys having a hale and hearty contest when exercising with other peer groups.

There are a number of people who use this Endomondo sports tracker application. Addition of the Endomondo to your Facebook profile will also facilitates you to scrutinize all the workouts on your profile along with the synopsis of your exercise. So one can get started now!


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