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WiFi has become a necessity for everyone and finding a WiFi connection when you are the go is even more important. In this scenario many app developers have come up with free WiFi finder app for iPhones and Android devices. Here are some of the best free WiFi finder apps for your smart devices.

1. Auto WiFi Lite for iPhone

The app stores the user’s login details and automatically traces a WiFi hotspot close to its device. It keeps you connected with WiFi connections even as you move from one hotspot to another. The app maintains a continuous connection without breaks every time the iPhone connects to a new WiFi network.

Auto WiFi Lite for iPhone

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2. Free WiFi Finder

The app searches for free and paid WiFi hot-spots while on the move and uses the iPhone’s GPS to locate the free internet access. The user can also filter the search results by location just by typing in categories like cafe, library, airport and so on.

Free WiFi Finder

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3. WiFi Track

This is another free WiFi finder app that not only finds free WiFi connection close to your location but also tests its utility from a list of connections detected. Once it finds the hot-spot suitable then it filters them and notifies by simultaneously launching the browser for the user.

WiFi Track

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4. JiWire WiFi Finder

This was the first free WiFi finder app for phones. It finds both free and paid hot-spots in over 144 countries. It is suited for both iPhone and android devices. The app also allows you to call the location, share the hot-spot, filter results according to    location or provider type and works both offline and online.

JiWire WiFi Finder

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5. Open Signal for Android

The app finds WiFi hotspots, tests and improves your connectivity for faster browsing speeds. It also helps you filter and rank your search results. Open Signal gives you complete details of the coverage including a map of the location.

Open Signal for Android

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6. WiFi Map

This is a free WiFi app for android platforms that helps you locate free WiFi connections for your wireless device. It is especially great for those who need to access WiFi when traveling. The app gives access to new updated connections as and when they happen. You can view the location of hot-spots as a list along with a detailed map.

WiFi Map

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7. WeFi PRO Beta

This is a new version of Wefi’s Find WiFi app that comes with a battery optimization function too. This will automatically move from offline to online and connect your phone to the nearest and free WiFi hot-spot.

WeFi PRO Beta

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