Fantastic Google Chrome has Fabulous Applications Too


Google Chrome is the most preferred browser for millions across the globe. The vast number of Google Chrome Apps is one of the reasons of its popularity. These applications let users take full advantage of the Chrome’s features. Some of the useful Google Chrome apps are specified under.

Offline Gmail

Although Gmail is used by millions of people throughout the world, without internet it is useless. However, as the name suggests, this application lets people use Gmail even without the internet. Clearly, it is tremendously flexible and makes people independent of internet to certain extent.

Offline Gmail App

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Amalgamation of Advertisement and Block. This application removes banner advertisements from the webpage that the user surfs. Might seem simple makes work utterly convenient by removing those distracting virtual banners.

AdBlock App

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Kindle Cloud Reader

People know that Kindle is used for reading books online.There are several people who use modern technology to access literature throughout the world. Similar to Offline Gmail, Kindle Cloud can save entire books for offline reading.

Kindle Cloud Reader

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Weather Underground

This chrome application of Weather Underground is efficient for the simple fact that it reports about weather. For some it might not be significant at all but for many it might be the difference between convenience and complications.

Weather Underground

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Cloud Magic

This is one of a kind synchronisation application. However it is not used for documents but for online activities. Information on Google, Twitter, etc. are indexed by this applications to let users conveniently find specific information. People who are active on the web would understand the advantage that this application has.

Cloud Magic App

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It is the application for the maintenance of commitment. Like reminders on mobile phones, this application asks its users whether they fulfilled certain responsibility or commitment. The days add up with affirmative answers for encouragement. The task, responsibilities, etc. have to be fed to the application to let it work.

Google Drive

The comparison between Google Drive and Dropbox is on. Whether former is better or the latter is another argument but that Google Drive is efficient like most other Google services is certain. It is cloud-based service that lets users share and edit documents online in real time.

Google Drive App

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Since Microsoft has not launched mobile phone-version of MS Office Suite, there has to be other applications for the purpose.CloudOn is that other application, which lets users to edit MS Office documents through their phones. Internet connection is, however, required by this application to function.

Google is a giant in digital technology and so are its products and services in their respective niche.Some of the Google Chrome apps that have been mentioned above are immensely efficient in their genre too.


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