Google Glass: Explore the World in a Different Way!!


More surprises are coming from the technology world for a common man. The modern technology, especially advancement in IT and gadget world has created a new world. A world that once existed in fantasy has now turned into reality. The fast-growing world of gadgets keeps people busy in speculating what is coming next.

Earlier it was desktop, then laptop. Smartphone and tab. Today, data and information can be stored on a variety of smart devices apart from the quintessential computer.

IT pioneers Goggle, do not want to dishearten their fans and the launch of Google Glass is just another attempt to astonish the users.

Technical Specifications

Google glass has camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone built into spectacle frames, wear your Google glass and fetch data, information easily, take pictures anytime anywhere. There is 16GB of flash memory built into the device, with 12GB available for user storage. The device syncs to Google Drive while Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are built in.

Apps for Google Glass

Browse app stores online for Google Goggle and My Glass for iOS. Download it from authentic sources and get ready to explore wonderful features of this happening app. Android users need to install “MyGlassCompanion” app to take full advantage of its features that an iOS users will going to miss out. The biggest advantage of using an Android device is the fact that a tethering plan is no longer required to use Glass when Wi-Fi isn’t available. It definitely makes android a better companion of Google Glass.

Applications of Google Glass

Here are some ways that Google Glass can help you in your daily chores:

  • Get product information by scanning barcode
  • Scan QR code to get complete contact information
  • Mark famous landmarks
  • Easy translation, just take a picture of foreign language text and get in translated in your language
  • Add Contacts by scanning business cards or QR codes
  • Scan text easily with  Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Recognize paintings, books, DVDs, CDs, and just about any 2D image
  • Play Sudoku puzzles
  • Find similar products
  • An ideal partner for those who often forget the where they have put things.

Installing Google Glass on an Android Device

If you are new to Google Glass then you must be curious about its installation and functioning on android devices. Explore Google Play store to find a Google Glass app for your smartphone. Install three APK files and you will get a new launcher on your device called glass home. Once the app is installed you can see the GUI on your device screen.

Google Glass works as a visual search engine for the users. Scan QR code, take pictures, and locate places on the map easily. The app works well with Android as well as with IOS device, though the chemistry between Google and has taken time to gel well. Install latest upgraded version of Google Glass from time to time and get ready to explore the world in a different way.


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