Happn App Makes Dating Happen The Easier Way


The most happening dating mobile app right now is Happn. While there are plenty of dating apps and websites already, Happn makes things quicker, because you know, the world is fast paced and people want to make the next move as quick as possible. So, no more waiting for that perfect someone who maybe living thousands of kilometres away!

With this app, you may encounter your ‘crush’ in reality at any of your favourite hangout spots or streets within a distance of 250 meters. Both the parties need to have the app too, so that you can view his/her profile and like it. If they like you back, you can both start a conversation.

Happn app makes dating happen the easier way

Now you may be wondering why would you need an app to connect with people you meet in realtime? Well, everyday we come across hundreds of people and yet we hardly acknowledge them, let alone walk up to them and talk, no matter how badly we want to! Moreover, our busy life style makes it even harder. And those who are shy find it awkward to begin chatting. This is where Happn makes things really happen for you.

To begin with, you can only contact the other person in case there is a match. When you like somebody, they will not know it. Only when they like you back, you can both connect and start a conversation. You also have the option of sending a charm to the other person if you like to notify them, which the receiver can respond to or ignore. Happn app allows you to block users or report foul behaviour.

The next time you find someone interesting close to you, you can easily get to know them and connect if the feeling is mutual.

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