How to Download Android Apps for Free in Android Powered Mobiles


Android is one of the most raging operating system for mobiles and tablets which is in a great demand. It is upgrading itself with the help of lots of developers at quite a great pace throughout the world. After Blackberry OS and iOs for mobile phones came the Android OS. But it gained reputation in a very short time and now there are many Android apps for Free which can be downloaded to suit anyone’s requirement. Android is based on Linux operating system. Hence it is Open Source. The large application library of Android has made it one of the most wanted operating systems. Though some of them need certain amount of money to be bought by the users, many of them come free of cost.

Hence the customers can enjoy the advantages of the apps without paying any charge. The market has a variety of apps which can serve the users on the view of different aspects. Some of them are purely for entertainment; some are for connection to different accounts and social networking site profiles. Some of them are useful tools used for various purposes. There are lots of games to give the interested users a great taste of strategic gameplay along with high end graphics. In other words, the Android operating system is a paradise to each and every user in one way or the other.


How to download Android apps for free

There are a number of ways to download Android apps for free. It can be downloaded directly to the handset via the Google Play icon which is the authorized Android marketplace. It is the safest way to download Android apps for free. Moreover, the list contains only the apps supported by the handset. There is a category dedicated to free apps only. The applications can also be downloaded to the personal computer via the official Android site and can later be installed in the phone.

If the accounts are properly set up, then with the click in the computer, the app will be automatically downloaded in the mobile phone. The marketplace contains all the apps supported by the handset. The free apps can be found in the free category. They can easily be downloaded and enjoyed by the users.

There is another way to download Android apps for free, although it is not at all an official way. Basically the app files that are supported in Android mobiles have the file extension .apk. There are many sites like 4shared and other online file sharing sites in which one can find the .apk files. Even the paid apps can also be found here. They can be downloaded and with a little knowledge of properly installing the .apk file along with other data files, one can enjoy some of the paid apps for free.

But since this is not from the marketplace and cracking is being involved in it no support will be provided by the official Android or the mobile company for any malfunction faced due to the installation of such apps.


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