How To Use Zoom The Best Way


Zoom app is widely being used throughout the globe because of the many benefits it offers as a platform for video conferences. Undoubtedly the lockdown has contributed majorly to its rise in popularity and use. Zoom simplifies video conferencing to a great extent.

  • It enables people to join the call through any of their device.
  • Screen sharing is made easier with the built-in functionalities.
  • Supports HD video calls.
  • You can also avail webinars, mobile and chat.
  • Allows as many as thousand members to join the video conference.
  • Allows group chat as well as private messaging.

All these features and more has made Zoom the best choice for business organisations to conduct regular meetings with their employees, schools to conduct classes for students and friends and families to witness events.

Zoom Chat

With growing users, Zoom has also come under the spotlight for security lapses. Ongoing meetings were hacked by outsiders and there is a possibility of leaking company’s sensitive data. In order to stay safe and carry on with your activities with the help of app, here’s what you need to do.

  • Set passwords for every meeting or group sessions. Be sure to keep changing the passwords to avoid unwanted persons from listening in.
  • Avoid using personal usernames as IDs when holding a meeting and choose passwords carefully, better when generated randomly.
  • Make passwords mandatory for participants to join in and allow only logged-in users to participate in any event.
  • Avoid sharing your meeting details or user IDs on social media.
  • Use the lock feature to secure your session and prevent outsiders from joining.

Even if you are using Zoom for family or friendly group calls, be sure to secure it first, because nobody wants eavesdroppers to gather your personal information or cause disruption midway, by sharing unwanted content.

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