Top Instagram apps for iphone


Instagram is a great way to share pictures, but the filters available with the app are far from satisfactory. But fret not! Instagram apps are there for your help. Here is a list of top instagram apps for iPhone users:

1. Handy Photo

The best part of this app is its user interface that has a rotating menu which positions itself at the corners of the screen. Thus the central area o f the screen is left clear for applying editing effects to the shot. It also has a ‘move me’ tool which clips out objects, resizes or flips them. It comes at a cost but the app is worth every cent you pay for it.

Handy Photo

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2. Path On

The app is great for adding text to your photos. This is no normal text add-on as the app lest you choose a path along which the text aligns itself. Font and spacing are other noteworthy options that the app offers. However, the photo filters are a disappointment.

Path On

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3. Frametastic

Frametastic is an app that helps organize the photographs apart from use of the great color filters. The app also supports iPad 3 and iPhone 5. One can also choose a high resolution image quality by adding ultra resolution while exporting the image.


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4. Facetune

This is just the app that all of us can use. The Facetune app lets you makeover any photo in your stock by removing imperfections such as blemishes, freckles and uneven tone. Notable features include Smooth – which conceals under eye darkness and Reshape that can give you a nose job in an instant. The app also lets you share the results over Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.


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5. Gelo

Gelo can give your iPhone photos extra oomph with its splash of color. Though low on speed, the results are marvelous. There are many features available to tweak the color effects and enhance the end result. Applying the specific RGB values can mimic professional tools like Photoshop.


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6. FxCamera

The app called FxCamera is the most popular among all photography apps for iPhone. Its most interesting feature is the Voice Picture which helps you record and add the voice to your photos along with the regular enhancement – a voice caption as you may call it. The results can be shared on Facebook as well.


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7. Clone Camera

This is a photo composing app which can replicate a given photo and juxtaposing it with different backgrounds. It works best when the device is still as on a tripod.

Clone Camera

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