Some of the Best Kindle Fire Apps


The introduction of the Amazon Kindle Fire into the market created a huge buzz in the Apple-dominated tablet market. On top of that, the device was offered at half the price as that of tablets from Apple. Additionally, the increasing numbers of Kindle Fire apps for the device have truly made it a best option among the users.

Although, Apple might still continue to dominate the tablet market, Kindle Fire is a device which is accessible to almost every person. The wide variety of high class features and the affordable price has certainly made Kindle Fire a favorite among many. With the introduction of this device numerous apps started to come up for the users. Here is a list of the Kindle Fire apps that have gained huge popularity:


Pocket or Read It Later is one of those Kindle Fire apps that help users to carry the web with them in case of unavailability of an Internet connection. By adding the extension to the desktop browser, articles can be added to the Pocket which can be downloaded and read later. The offline version offers texts as well as images on HD screen.

 Pocket App



The IMDb app is an app that is quite handy while watching videos on the Kindle Fire. The app offers detailed information about the show being watched along with the characters shown in the show. It offers crisp and clear text and the video previews are played beautifully.

IMDb App



The Google Reader app is not made available for the Kindle Fire which led to the development of the JustReader app. One can read articles off line by downloading them from Google feed by using this app. Swiping occurs easily between pages and the text as well as images are displayed in a crisp and clear manner.

JustReader App


Imo Messenger

Unlike some of the Kindle Fire apps used for the purpose of chatting, this app helps users to connect with almost every chat protocol. One can chat with family or friends through Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Talk, MySpace, Jabber, AIM/ICQ, Hyves, Steam and Vkontakte. Text is displayed clearly and graphics are just outstanding.

Imo Messenger App



Users who have Netflix Instant Account do not require downloading the Netflix app. The app provides full access to television shows and movies that users get via Netflix on different devices.

Netflix App


Free Dictionary by Farlex

The inclusion of Kindle Fire apps like these certainly benefits the users in different ways. The dictionary combines the use of legal, financial, medical and standard dictionaries along with an encyclopedia and thesaurus. The app even has the capability to translate and search for other languages. The text provided by the app is quite clear and easy for reading. The home screen of the app contains different factoids from daily life.

Free Dictionary by Farlex App



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