Light it Up with your Smartphone


Revolutionizing the way people interact with light, the Bluetooth bulb application lets you control the light around you. All you have to do is buy a Bluetooth-enabled bulb and download the app to control it. Currently on offer by brand Lumen, the bulb comes with an aluminum body with a plastic cover. With a not-so-different look as compared to regular bulbs, this one, just like the regular bulbs does not require any luxury wiring or electric connections and can be used the same way as the other bulbs.


Coming to the features, by default, the bulb gives white light. Pair it with your iOS app and you can change the color of the bulb instantly. This revolutionizing app has over 1 million color choices for you to illuminate along with a transition button that cycles through all the available colors.


Nothing is perfect. On the flip side, this super bulb is not that bright as you would expect it to be. Even when you turn on the brightest color, it will not be able to replace your regular reading lamp. Another drawback is that the bulb goes back to the original white color whenever you turn it on the next time.

Of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement as far as the pairing of this bulb goes with the Bluetooth device, but still no one can deny that this dynamic product is awesome for mood lighting’s.



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