6 Top Micro-blogging Apps for All the Social Media Freaks


Micro-blogging apps are those apps that allow users to micro-blog using their smartphone devices or tablets. Listed below are some of the most used micro-blogging apps in the world right now:

1. Twitter

The key and the major player in this segment! It allows the users to read and send text based messages of up to 140 characters known as “tweets”. One can also post updates via web-browser, SMS, e-mail, or directly posting a tweet from their smartphone app. Users may subscribe to others’ tweets by “following” them. One can also follow the trending topics in the “Discover” section to get the latest updates and see the trends that are currently going throughout in the Twitter-verse. Also, it has an open platform that allows third party developers to build on top of it.

Twitter App

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2. Tumblr

It is another popular micro-blogging site that allows user to post and share multimedia contents such as photos, text, quotes, videos etc. The smartphone app also allows users to add a “Create a post” widget in their homescreen. Advanced controls such as saving the drafts and customizing the tweets are quite popular. It also enables the users to manage all their blogs effortlessly.

Tumblr App

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3. Jaiku

The popular micro-blogging site launched its app for the iPhone platform recently, that allows users to post and receive updates in the same manner as the web version. It enables users to post their opinions, thoughts, comments related to their lives or on any other topic. With this, Jaiku is believed to be on the verge of taking over Twitter in the micro-blogging space and they are about to expand their market, by bringing out apps for other mobile platforms.

4. Hictu

Another Twitter competitor, it allows users to incorporate videos directly into their posts. It also comes with the option of stop and record buttons. This real-time posting feature is aimed at the Twitter crowd. It has also created a service for the mobile users which enables them to access its services on the go.

5. WordPress

Currently the top blogging tool out there in the open and comes in a powerful package with varied features and options. The mobile version disappoints with limited options such as adding new blogs, moderating and replying to the comments, and the ability to view the stats.

WordPress App

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6. TypePad

This iPhone app comes with the feature of creating and publishing blog entries from their phone. Also it allows user to post photos from the gallery or by taking new ones from the on-board camera. It aims in taking blogging to a mainstream scale.

TypePad App

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One cannot draw a conclusion that micro-blogging is for the short-run. Because of its ability to post updates and messages in a short form for the world to see, it’s widely gaining mass acceptance and generating a lot of craze. And as the founders and owners of these apps are trying to take blogging to the mainstream sphere, one can easily predict that micro-blogging apps are here to stay.


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