Mobile applications that let web designers work while moving around


Web designers are among the creative people on the surface of the Earth. Creative ideas can emerge in mind anytime and anywhere. Presently, there are such mobile apps available for professional web design that help designers to continue even without their usual setup. Some of the popular ones are described hereunder.

Adobe Ideas

With its Ideas, Adobe has stepped into the genre of simple, lightweight and user-friendly applications too. Adobe Ideas is a smart digital sketchbook that is used by website designers to capture their ideas immediately. Since the ideas can be jotted down by hand, photograph or scan is not required. Adobe is enough assurance of the credibility of its Ideas. The application has already gained popularity among designers.

Adobe Ideas App



The flexibility of common storage with privacy is the factor of popularity of Dropbox. It is a kind of cloud storage where different users can store and access according to authorisation settings. The phone version Dropbox does not download the data but they can be marked as favourites to be read offline. It is among the most popular mobile apps for web designers at present.

Dropbox App



Its name describes its function.It can find out the text font that has to be entered from the files on the mobile or from captured photograph.Reasonably, the application is not perfectly correct always. However, it is never far either. Since it is utmost simple and does not consume time either, it is one of the favourite mobile apps for web designers. Besides, the scope of diminishing its limitations is wide for WhatTheFont.

WhatTheFont App



It is an automated collator of all the digitals articles and matter on iOS.News and information are collected and combined by Flipboard and presented in a manner that lets users exclude the unwanted matter and skim through the rest.It is good for designers as its presentation allows them view it with creative perspective.

Flipboard App



Although MS Office Suite is, by far, the most efficient application for word processing, such intricate application is not always required. Thus, applications like Byword fill the gap for simple, light yet efficient word editors for authors, bloggers, etc.

Byword App


Opera Mini

This browser for mobile phones provides webpage accessibility like that on desktops. To prevent slowdown of the connection, it moves the webpage to its server to compress it before displaying it on the mobile screen.It is efficient for testing websites too.

Opera Mini App


The listed applications are not the only mobile apps for web designers that are efficient or available. They are popular but there are more numerous more of such applications that might be useful in web designing.


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