Here Are Some New Travel Apps to Consider on Your Trip


Every day, there are many new travel apps that are being launched to help the travelers in making their trip around the places very convenient t and memorable.

Smart phones and applications available for travelers provide considerable help and assistance in both daily and occasional activities. The usefulness of these applications is best during tours and there are numerous new travel apps that will be of help even to experienced travelers. Travelers with smart phones use applications to book airways, railways and roadways tickets, search for hospitals, hotels, etc., check weather, track currency rates, etc. More importantly, the development of applications has a paced and newer and more sophisticated applications are being developed.

Here is a list of some new travel apps that are or would become favorites of people all over.

Condition One

Memories of specific tours can be relived with the help of narrative videos. Videos at Condition One provide 180° immersive view of a location that is controllable by users. Users can also traverse through the virtual scenes as well as record their own video. This is really an interesting one among the new travel apps.

Condition One Travel App


Fotopedia Wild Friends

It is next in the series of various applications produced by Fotonauts. Fotopedia Wild Friends contains images and educative information about wild animals and provides stories behind those images. Wildlife locations of only Europe are available with the application at present.

Fotopedia Wild Friends app

Image It

Language often becomes a barrier during foreign tours. However, with Image It, users can convey their meaning through graphical images instead of verbal or textual statements. This application provides more than 450 pictograms that cover graphical representations for food, accommodation, transport and emergency requirement.

Image It app


Kuoni Brochure-Browsing Application

The travel Agency Kuoni has launched an application that provides access to its brochures. The application automatically checks for new travel articles, videos, brochures, websites, etc.

Kuoni Brochure-Browsing Application app



It is Facebook application that combines the knowledge of several people to deliver comprehensive insights into a locality. It has been developed by Lufthansa and is touted to be a better guide than a local guide.

SceneSpotter app


It can be called a method of broadcasting snapshots. Users can produce short narrative videos about their sights and views without any requirement of post-production editing. The movies can then be uploaded on various social websites to be viewed by others.

SnapCast app


Zuji Packman

Packing is essential for tourists. Carelessness towards packing may lead to extremely unwanted situations during the tour. To ensure that travelers do not miss anything anywhere, Zuji has developed Packman. It allows its users to create and maintain multiple packing lists as well as setup reminders for this purpose. Packing-lists and travel schedules can be shared with others too.

Zuji Packman app


Applications are developed in huge numbers. Such overwhelming numbers of applications provide abundant choices as well as raise confusion a few notches. Since, people travel for various purposes, new travel apps are being developed accordingly. The list above has only a few of numerous travel applications for smart phones.


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