One Touch Battery Saver for Android – The new Power Savior of Technology


The use of mobile phones has increased in leaps and bounds. With the trendiest invention of iPhones, people have revamped their mode of communication in a more stylish way. As communication increases day in and day out, the battery starts feeling ill. Touch screen phones are ruling the purchasing decisions of the majority of the people. Hence even battery-saving modes seem to have got the ‘whif’ of the touch screen presence. This is a unique power saving mode that can be availed when the power capacity of the device gives out ‘time-out’ signals to the user. When the devices have bigger screens and larger memories, the battery usage increases, leaving very little battery span to cover up the entire day. But the new One Touch Battery Saver for Android app enhances the performance of the battery life in the Android phones.

One touch battery saver for Android is the newest ‘lifeline’ of iPhones

The main objective of this app is to ensure optimum using habits and to extend the lifespan of the Android battery. This app goes up to saving almost 50 percent of battery consumption, to the benefit of the Android ‘addicts’. This invention is considered to be the most powerful and the ideal power-saving innovation in the history of Android phones. This app does not reconstruct any application settings of the phones, it allows the phone to work as normal as any other Android phone, in a better and ‘power saving’ way.

One Touch Battery Saver for android

Benefits of One Touch Battery Saver for Android

One Touch Battery Saver for Android enables the effective and optimum use of power and it also ensures lesser power consumptions that extends and strengthens the battery life of Android phones. After successful configuration, this app works wonders in improving the battery span, monitoring and keeping a vigilant track on battery drain. This app helps in tackling tasks on a faster note by consuming the minimum amount of power. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities can be managed on a ‘one touch’ mode by making optimum use of power. It keeps showcasing the battery usage and minutes up to which the battery can support. It disables internet and Wi-Fi connections automatically when not in use, which facilitates in saving a lot of Android battery.

The new app also ensures longevity of the battery even in worst usage conditions. When the screen is turned off, network connections are automatically put to sleep, saving on the battery life. If the battery level is 30 percent, then it does not pressurize the battery any further, it gives out an option to be switched off to restore back to its ‘charged up’ mode. It is considered to be the ideal app for causal and novice Android users. This One Touch Battery Saver for Android is user friendly and is easy to understand, without any barriers of complexities and complicacies. This app not only benefits in saving batter consumption, but also ensures sure shot longevity of the Android phone as well. Thus we can say that, Power saviors are now just one ‘tap’ away.


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