‘Shazam App’ a must pick for Music Freaks


Are you a music freak? Well, who doesn’t love music and listen it on mobiles, but having an app that gives you a smooth listing experience is quite difficult to find especially when internet is flooded with numerous types of music apps.

Shazam App is a music application that enhances and smooths your music listening experience and shortens the time taken to discover a song. This six year old app has a fine and prestigious track record so far. It currently ranks 6th on Google Play’s global App ratings and has consistently been amongst the top 5 Android music apps worldwide. With innovations and finding new ways to enhance user’s music experience, Shazam app is on the top for music lovers list worldwide.

Shazam recently launched a new version of its mobile app. The Shazam button is a feature with which users figure out which song is playing in grocery store or on radio or wherever they are! The upgraded version of this app also features a map that shows most ‘Shazamed’ songs around the world while also tallying the listeners count for each track.

The primary goal of Shazam is to increase average time spent by users on this app.

Shazam App

Discover and Listen

Shazam has more than 100 million active mobile users monthly; users now are able to listen too playlist and charts, that too without leaving the app. They just need to tap “Play All” under Shazams top charts, trending, recommendations and the previous Shazams – all of which will open in Shazam music player. Shazam’s users need to “swipe right” for saving their favorite songs in My Shazam and, if want to move forward to the next track, just “swipe left”.

All New Experience – Shazam welcomes all its users’ with personalized trending songs and music news from their previously Shazamed artists and friends, and also exclusive interviews, Shazam Sessions and more. Users can further explore Shazam’s charts, with which they can visualize the rising hits across countries worldwide.

Music player – The Music player rapidly and smoothly surfsn Shazam charts, either what’s trending or quickly identifies what’s about to be the most popular track in your city. Tracks are rated and saved,which you can listen to again later without having to search for them. The users who have been subscribed for the premium streaming music services (that includes Spotify and Rdio) can also listen to top charts and favorite playlists in full, uninterrupted glory.

Spotify integration – Shazam subscribers can now connect to Spotify for listening to full Shazam tracks. All of their Shazams tracks are added to Spotify playlist automatically or user can choose specific playlists to add.

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