10 Awesome Apps for Small Businesses


There are many small business apps that help you run your business smoothly and profitably just on your finger tips by using your phone and other devices you carry. These excellent applications that are specially designed for your small and mid-size businesses are definitely a boon for the today’s businessmen.

There are thousands of businesses operating throughout the world and not all of them are of equal size or capability. Apart from big set-ups, there are several small businesses operating in different areas trying to prove their worth. These small businesses are actually faced with the struggle for their existence and always fighting hard to win the good will of the consumers. The technological advancement has led to the development of small business apps which help them to minimize their costs and increase their productivity. Here is a list of the ten best business apps suitable for small businesses:

Google Drive

Users can seamlessly edit and port files from PC to Smartphone to Tablet by using Google Drive. On top of that, it also acts as a Cloud Drive and comes with 5GB of free memory storage.

Google Drive App



When it comes to small business apps, Evernote is the preferred choice of majority of entrepreneurs. The app allows storing, organizing and sharing of voice notes, photos and text which ultimately help in keeping easy track of everything.

Evernote App



Gathering and distribution of data by professionals on mobile devices becomes easy with FormMobi. The features of the product include taking pictures, recording audio, creating CAD quality sketches and collecting signatures.

FormMobi App



Business travelers can keep proper track of their trip arrangements by using the Tripit app. Apart from that, the app offers weather updates, directions and maps to make travelling easy.

Tripit App New



Among several small business apps, the bump is certainly a revolutionary app that helps entrepreneurs to trade photos, contact information as well as official files by bumping two Smartphone’s together.

Bump App



Building brands online becomes easy with this app as it helps to publish events, news and deal announcements across various online channels. Several businesses are using this app for marketing purpose.

LocalVox App


Asana is an intuitive and simple app that helps entrepreneurs to manage their work projects as well as personal projects through an interactive user interface. Over the past few months, the app has certainly gained a lot of revenue.

Asana App



Managing expenses becomes an easy task with small business apps like Expensify. Users can scan receipts and upload them easily with this app. Filing of receipts is also possible with a single button click.

Expensify App


Developed by the creators of Twitter, this app helps in easy acceptation of credit payments for users with tablets or Smartphone. Sign-up or monthly fees are not involved as 2.75% of every transaction is taken up by the service.

Square App



Daily financing as well as cash flow can be easily tracked with this useful app. The app syncs with credit cards and bank accounts seamlessly and helps in future prediction of cash flows.

inDinero App



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