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Everyone is obsessed with taking photos these days and the latest smartphones enable us to get spectacular shots. But why just stop there when you can do much more to turn your snapshot into a professional quality photo? You will need Snapseed app to edit pictures, so they appear as if you shot them using a camera and share them on your favourite social media handles to instantly grab some eyeballs.

Snapseed App

Snapseed comes with a huge set of editing options that help in making necessary changes in colour, contrast, brightness, in addition to other advanced filters. Once you learn how to use its features, you can edit like a pro. Here are some of the important functions that can take your photograph to the next level.


For beginners, presets offer an easy way of applying changes. You can select from the range of special effects to go with your pic. Looks lets you choose colors for your photos and Tools has some filters to add an artistic touch. You can also alter the mood using advanced filters.

White balance

Some cameras tend to alter the color of the real image. You can set white balance to match with the original scenario. You can highlight areas with Tint to change the hues and set the Temperature.

Selective Edits

With the Brush option, you can make changes on specific areas selected, such as the background. Healing enables you to get rid of unwanted spots or objects.

Lens Blur

You can blur the corners or other shapes in the picture and set the blur strength.

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