Some of the Best Social Apps


Here is a list of the best social apps to consider for people who want to keep up with friends and family and do not wish to miss out on anything latest.

Social networking sites have become extremely popular among people of all ages over the last few years. The inception of the Smartphones has led to the development of different best social apps that have gained instant popularity. There are hundreds of social apps developed for different platforms like Android, Windows and iOS to make it easier for people to communicate with each other.

Some of the Best Social Apps

Facebook tops the list of best social apps

Probably the best social network in the world and extremely popular among people of all age groups is Facebook. The Facebook social app is available for nearly every mobile platform. The latest update of Facebook works extremely fast and allows users to upload images instantly.


The social networking site of search engine giant Google offers an excellent social app for the iOS and the Android platform. One of the best features about this app is that it allows video chat with nine people with mobile hangouts. For people who are not that comfortable with video chatting, the app offers text-based messenger to chat with one person or several people at a time.


When it comes to check-ins, this social app is undoubtedly the best in the market. It allows users to sync in with their friends and keep track of all the latest happenings. The badge system of the app encourages users to visit unique and new places. Based on friend’s recommendations, one can also find some great places to visit.


The idea of sharing photos in mobiles was revolutionized by the introduction of this social app. The app is easy to use and works extremely fast. With the help of this app, one can add filters and effects to an image and upload it to any news feed. It works similar to other social networking sites where one can keep track of the images.


By using the concept of social network, this app was developed specifically for mobile devices. One can connect with friends, relatives by using this app but there is a limit of 150 connections. The only difference is that unlike other social networking apps, this app works only on a tablet or Smartphone.


With the help of this social app users can connect with more than 175 million users worldwide. The app has been designed well and syncs perfectly with the calendar available on mobile devices. By using this app one can keep track of the meeting schedules and even save and view recommended jobs.


This blogging site has been growing at a rapid pace and allows users to create updates for audio, text, quotes, and photos and follow blogs. The app offers full access to the blogs dashboard and users can create their own updates while on the go.


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