Talking Tom Cat App for Samsung, One of the Latest Attractions from the Android Market


The most recent operating system for mobiles and tablets, Android, has created an unparallel place in the market. Out of the millions of applications it offers to its users, Talking Tom Cat App for Samsung is one of the most entertaining and well renowned all over the world. Among the other operating systems like the Blackberry OS, iOs etc., the user of Android OS is increasing day by day and has gained an exponential curve since its birth.

This brilliant OS is constructed on the base of Linux operating system. Hence it is open source, which means basically it is free of cost. But some of the applications and games do need money and the users have to buy it from marketplace because of the coding done by the app developers. One of the best advantages of this operating system is that it provides a good platform for all the interested Android app developers and to showcase their apps.

There are millions of applications available in the Android market for the users to download them and get entertained. The apps are based on the handset in which it is being downloaded.

The Talking Tomcat App for Samsung

The talking tomcat is one of the most entertaining applications that Samsung offers.  Tom is a pet cat. He is going to repeat everything said in front of him in a funny voice. The user can poke him, pet him and even grab his tail. This application has turned itself as a nonstop entertainment to most of the users. The types of reactions he can give are listed below:

  • He will repeat anything and everything said in front of him in a hilarious voice.
  • His body and head can be petted to make him purr.
  • His belly, head and feet can be poked to see funny reactions. Poking more makes him tumble to the floor.
  • His tail can be grabbed to make fun.
  • A glass of milk can be poured in front of him by clicking one icon and he will drink it.
  • If he is in an idle mode for quite some time, he will sneeze or yawn.

This application has gained remarkable interest with boys and girls of small ages. Nevertheless the grownups are also ready to taste the flavor of this entertainment anytime.

How to download the talking tomcat app for Samsung

This app can be found in the Android marketplace. It can be downloaded easily in the handset. One thing to be kept in mind is that while running this application for the very first time, it will download an additional data of 3-25 Mb to get the best graphics quality for the device. This app is an entertainment without any age bar, without any limit.


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