How Can I Best Organize MacBook Apps


Are you a proud owner of the latest MacBook, wondering how you can best organize MacBook apps? This article describes three spaces on your MacBook where you can organize your apps to have them handy.

Best Organize MacBook Apps

The Dock

The dock is the first space on your MacBook that is very prominent and so contains your most-used apps. This area must be reserved for apps that you frequently pull up. These may include – Safari, Photos, Calculator, Facetime and, so on. To organize your favorite apps on the dock, go to Launchpad. From here, drag and drop the app to the dock – that’s it! You are ready to go. Similarly, to remove the app from the dock, drag the app and release it on the desktop. You can also customize the appearance and position of apps on the dock via system settings.

The Launchpad

The next wider level of app organization on MacBook is the Launchpad area. Here you can group apps of similar function (such as games, travel, productivity etc.) in one folder. This folder is transparent and you can view the apps within and its label as well. Drag and drop app icons from the desktop to this folder. You can have multiple folders arranged in multiple pages. You may also organize pages by use, type and so on.

The Desktop

App shortcuts are most often placed on the desktop. The apps placed here are displayed as icons with an arrow on them. This space allows you to add or delete apps by drag and drop actions. Additionally, you may stack apps in one folder. Clicking on the folder lists out the apps like a menu.

So, go ahead and experiment with this new wisdom on how you can best organize MacBook apps.


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