Top 10 Android Travel Apps for Frequent Travelers


Business or pleasure tours become convenient and peaceful with the help of technology. Smart Phones have flooded the market and so have applications for various smart phone OS. Android, the leader in the smart phones market, supports numerous travel apps, of which top 10 android travel apps have been described below.

1. Google Maps

The utmost necessary and efficient Google Maps has to be on an Android Phone of those who travel frequently.

 Google Maps android travel apps


2. Google Translate

International travelers would appreciate this Google Translator the most. It can translate 50 languages into each other. All the translations are displayed. Though for 15 languages, it can translate users’ voice too.

Google Translate android travel apps


3. Wikitude

This application requires the camera of the smart phone to be pointed towards any direction to provide information and interesting places around the locality. It has the technology of augmented reality incorporated to it. Users are allowed to save certain locations as ‘myWorld’ and share the same with others through social media.

Wikitude android travel apps


4. Expense Manager

No points for guessing its functions correctly. Expense Manager can handle multiple budgets simultaneously so that tourists always have a track of their personal and professional expenses. It can also scan receipts and compile them into proper budget reports.

Expense Manager Android Travel Apps


5. Google Goggles

Travel Apps are about efficiency and fun. Google Goggles integrates through image recognition and subsequent provision of information. It can also translate texts, scan QR codes and scan text using OCR.

Google Goggles Android Travel Apps


6. Waze

This application may get ignored against numerous travel apps available for traffic information. However, Waze provides updates on police traps, jams, accidents, road blockades, etc. by locals in real-time. Thus, the latest information about the road can be found through Waze.

Waze Android Travel Apps


7. Ji Wire Wi-Fi Finder

Everyone knows that mobile phone bills and internet bills are charged multiple times more when used during foreign tour. Wi-Fi Finder searches for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots so that travellers can use internet without spending fortunes on bills.

Ji Wire Wi-Fi Finder Android Travel Apps


8. Around Me

The purpose of travel apps would be reduced to half if they fail to provide local information. So, Around Me provides information about everything around the tourist.

Around Me Android Travel Apps


9. Weather Channel

Weather can never be ignored before and during a tour. Weather Channel streams all the weather reports and forecasts straight to users’ smart phones.

Weather Channel Android Travel Apps


10. Wikihood

Vast information about specific locations can be obtained through Wikihood, which works in collaboration with Wikipedia.

Wikihood Android Travel Apps


One of the reasons of overwhelming success of Android is the varieties and numbers of applications available for it. These top 10 Android travel apps are just a few of numerous applications that assist travelers in different ways throughout the tour. The best part is that the applications that are not free are not expensive either.


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