Top 10 applications for Samsung Appliances that Help users gain full advantage


Samsung is one of the few manufacturers that have products in all the niche and genre of electronics. Besides, all its products continue to evolve in sensibility and intelligence. Applications are what make these appliances smart. Top 10 Samsung Apps are described hereunder in this regards.

1)     SPSTV – If Samsung apps are to be mentioned, the description should begin with this. It has tutorial for all the products of Samsung, which is evidence why it has to be mentioned among all Samsung apps. The vastness of this application is evident from the fact that every product is followed by list of tutorials for specific tasks.

2)     S Memo – It is the application for the bright but the forgetful. S Memo lets its users to create memo of the idea that occurs to them lest they forget it. However, unlike reminders and others applications, S Memo supports handwriting, text, image and voice for the creation of memo.

3)     Monkey Write – Learning Chinese is not easy at all. This Monkey, however, makes it relatively easier for its users. The stroke numbers on the Introduction Workbook can be followed by users to gain acquaintance with the language. More workbooks can be gradually downloaded.

4)     ROM manager – Almost everything is clear from its name. Management of ROM can be the difference between running several programmes efficiently and running few programmes with disturbances.

5)     Root Explorer – It is for the deeper users. Text editor, multi select, APK Binary XML viewer, symbolic link creation, “open with” facility, MD5, shortcut creation, SQL Lite Database Viewer, RAR archive extractor, script executor, remount, permission, bookmark, image thumbnail,  etc. are included in the feature of this application. Users can access the entire file system of Android through it.

6)     FlightTrack Pro – It is useful to track information on flights and airports. Overseas travellers love this application for its features.

7)     Skype – Skype is great and so it is in the list of top 10 Samsung apps without discrimination. Free calls from Skype-to-Skype and immensely inexpensive charges for calling on landline and mobile phones make this application very important.

8)     YouTube – YouTube does not need to be described. Its services are known to all. Therefore, to have an application for the online service would always be beneficial.

9)     Spotify – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Therefore, spotify should be there for music and entertainment.

10)Angry Birds – Another fun application and overwhelmingly popular. Time passes without getting noticed while users are glued to this game.

The list of top 10 Samsung apps would differ according to personal opinion. The list above has more useful applications than games.


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