Top 10 Travel Apps for iPhone


Technological assistances that are available for the travelers today have never been the same earlier. Numerous travel applications are available for iPhone users. Below is a list of top 10 travel apps for iPhone, which every tourist must download on his smart phone.

1. Google Maps

It is known to all. Google Maps is among the top essential requirements for travelers. Though there are other software firms that have developed maps too, none have been able to match the precision of Google Maps yet.

Google Maps App


2. Google SMS

This application, rather a service, allows users to send certain search terms as SMS to 46645 and receive search-results as reply to it. It is very useful when and where internet is not accessible.

Google SMS App


3. Google Translate

This application is among the finest and also top 10 travel apps. It can translate 50 languages into each other. It can translate users’ verbal statement into 15 languages. Translations are displayed in all 50 languages to be read by users.

Google Translate App


4. Ji Wire Wi-Fi Finder

As it is suggested by its name, this application finds Wi-Fi connections. Users can locate and subsequently use Wi-Fi connections while travelling. This application is exclusively available for iPhones.

Ji Wire Wi-Fi Finder app


5. Skype

No communication is better than voiced communication done through phones. Skype becomes essential for tourists because it allows phone-calls at surprisingly low cost. Calls from Skype to Skype are absolutely free.

Skype app


6. The Trainline

As a free application, The Trainline is useful to search for arrival and schedules of trains as well as their fares.

The Trainline AppINSTALL

7. The Weather Channel

The name says all about the application. This is useful for travelers as they can receive weather reports as well as forecasts and accordingly make alterations to their plans, if possible.

The Weather Channel app


8. TripCase

This application keeps track of flight schedules and gate status. It also suggests alternate options during situations when a traveler might miss his flight.

TripCase app


9. Triposo

Of all the available top 10 travel apps for iPhones, Triposo is most optimized for mobile phones. It provides accurate information for about 8000 different locations. It utilizes OpenStreetMap and Wikitravel.

Triposo app


10. XE Currency

Al kinds of assistance apart, information on currency-exchange values is seriously an important requirement for any traveler. Right expectations about the exchange amount one would receive against the money they carry allow tourists to plan their trip further and be prepared for any kind of situations. XE Currency reveals the exchange rates for currencies, which is consistently updated through the internet.

XE Currency App New


Thus, this list of top 10 travel apps for iPhone reveals that domestic or foreign tours are more convenient for smart phone users than others. Apart from these, there are thousands of applications that prove to be helpful or luxurious during tours. Some of these applications are not free but they are not expensive either.


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