Top 5 Oracles Apps For Android Device


Increase the efficiency of your Smartphone with top notch apps. Install apps created by software giants like Oracle and turn your mobile phone into a valuable device. It won’t be exaggerating to call apps the lifeline of a Smartphone. Browse mobile app stores and find well-designed, smart and highly useful Oracle apps for your Android Phones.

Here are 5 top Oracle apps for Android

1. Oracle Tap

Stay connected with your work team any time with Oracle Tap. One of the finest oracle application, it is designed for organizations. It allowed secure and easy access to the oracle application cloud for human capital management.

Features of this app include:

  • Optimized layouts and smooth navigation
  • The app supports better flow of communication
  • Easy access to employee information
  • To install the app on your device you will need active oracle cloud application account.



2. Oracle Now

Love to hear about us? Get Oracle Now installed on your Android Smartphone and be the first to hear about our development, releases, mergers, acquisitions and other events. The customizable filter allows user to find the news of specific to your interest.

Oracle Now

Download the software from here

3. Oracle Virtual Desktop Client

This absolutely free app can bring desirable balance in your office and personal life. One of the finest apps developed for the mobile users. It allows secure access to your virtual windows Oracle Linux, and Oracle Solaris desktops and applications.

The app ideally allows the user to work from anywhere. It increases productivity and flexibility in work schedule.

Keep your sensitive data safety at a centralized data center and access it easily.

Like all other Oracle apps, this one also supports broadest choice of platforms for greatest flexibility of accessing desktops and applications running on various platforms including Windows, Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client

Get it for free from

4. Oracle Social Network

The future belongs to social networking. We at Oracle understand the role of social networking and its scope, future of your business. Get this highly efficient app specially designed for entrepreneurs on your Android device for free and explore the power of HCM and CRM for the future of your business.

The proper use of the app can bring positive result in production and revenue earning. It is easy to use and support lots of functionality. To learn more about this application install it on your Android device today.

Oracle Social Network

Find it for free at

5. Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile

Perfectly designed for entrepreneur the oracle sales cloud mobile apps allow real-time and secure access to CRM data via oracle sales cloud. They provide access to sales information right on Android smart phones and tablets.

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile

Find this wonderful app for your Android device at – INSTALL

Specially designed for entrepreneurs and organizations, these Oracle apps designed for administration and management can make your life simpler. The trust of the oracle and flexibility of android platform makes a perfect combination of the users.  Choose apps that make you organized.


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