Top Entertainment Apps for Samsung


Samsung is a well known leader in the world of smart devices. Many apps have been developed keeping the features of Samsung products in mind. They cater exclusively to Samsung devices. Here are 5 such entertainment apps that are most popular and a must have if you own a Samsung smart device.

1. HD Widgets

Most high end Samsung phones come with HD interface. The HD widgets app is the ideal one for such devices. The app has a list of widgets that integrate well with the HD interface. The most prominent are- weather,   wall papers, time/date etc. The app aims at giving your smart phone a unique and fabulous look. You can easily download it from the Samsung app store.

HD Widgets

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2. Tuneln Radio Pro

The app helps integrate the radio on your Samsung phone with the international radio channels. It also features auto recording and keeps you entertained for many hours with access to many regional, national and international channels.

Tuneln Radio Pro

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3. Paper Camera

The app is has great image capturing features and also includes editing tools and post processing effects. The app has the latest and interesting effects ranging from cartoons, half-tone, sketches, comic book and even neon. Gone are the days of mundane and boring tones for post-effects. With Paper Camera, load in the best effects of your photos, real time.

Paper Camera

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4. Grand Theft Auto (GTA –III)

This entertainment app needs no introduction. The game is a terrific combo of mission, adventure, racing skills and action, all in one. The game combines the best of different game genres and thus appeals to a wider crowd of gamers. It definitely occupies the slot of games such as Temple Run and Angry Birds.

Grand Theft Auto

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5. Pencil Sketch

This is a lovely app that creates a pencil sketch out of your photos. The app is easy to use – just select a picture from the photo gallery and your sketch is ready to print at the click of a button. It is also enabled with instant share feature. Sketches can be done in doodle style also, means you can create funny pictures of the people and places around you.

Pencil Sketch

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6. Talking Cat & Background Dog

The updated version of this talking cat is an app that the cat speaking to you in his funny voice in reply to your touch. The update has added 4 exciting games with multiple levels inside. Included is a dog and together they keep you entertained for a long time.

Talking Cat  Background Dog

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