Top Free Samsung Galaxy Apps to Get the Best Out of Android


Lately there has been a revolution in the world of Smartphones. With the invention of different technical creativities, especially in the case of mobile phones, new field of work as well as entertainment is always provided. The mobile phones are no longer specified only for calling and sending text messages. The vast library of games and applications provided by the operating system of a mobile phone has been one of the latest craze to the users, more specifically to the young generation.

The Galaxy series of Smartphones and tablets launched by Samsung is one of its kind in this market. It is powered by the Android operating system. Talking about Android, it is one of the leading operating systems for mobiles. From its birth, the number of users of this OS is increasing in an exponential value. Of the millions of applications that Android offers to its users, there are a number of top free Samsung Galaxy Apps which Samsung users can use without any cost. The free apps for Samsung galaxy mobiles depend on the configuration of the mobile as well as its screen size. They are high end graphically designed apps used by a huge number of users worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Top free Samsung Galaxy Apps

There is a range of Smartphones of the Galaxy series starting from Galaxy Pocket and Galaxy Y which are low in cost and have a smaller screen size to Galaxy S II and the latest Galaxy S III which are of great demand and a strong competitor in the field of Smartphones. Some of the apps are found in the Android marketplace integrated with the phone. Some of the apps are to be bought by spending money. Some of them are free of cost. Details of some of the top free Samsung Galaxy apps are given below:

  • Papyrus Beta: This is one of the most used applications for the Samsung Galaxy Note. It helps in keeping notes and a combination of the S-Pen and touch control helps the users to use the stylus as a pen and the hand as an eraser.
  • Sketcher Lite: It is one of the easiest ways to get the artistic sense of one to reality. There are 11 brushes with one simple pencil for professional sketching style and the progress can be saved on the SD card.
  • Maze Racer: This game is about drawing the perfect way through the maze given using the S-pen. It is quite entertaining.
  • Cloud Print: This app helps in printing any PDF or doc from the mobile directly to the printer on the click of just one button.
  • Samsung Remote: It is a marvellous app which turns the mobile phone into a TV and BD remote control. Games can also be played in the TV through the remote.

Though these are only a few, there are many more such apps to be downloaded and enjoyed.


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