Top Ideas on UX Design Techniques for Beginners


Mobile apps are the latest buzz in the tech world. There is a mobile app for everything, and everyone seems to be trying to build an app. UI and UX are the two important aspects of an app that determine its popularity. If you are a newbie to UX designing, here we have the top ideas on UX design techniques for beginners:

UX Design Techniques for Beginners1. Research

The basis of any enterprise is research. Same is the case with UX design for apps. Focused study of your target audience helps in deciding the theme and approach to creating the design. So, research is the first step to designing a winning UX for your app.

2. Minimalism

Functional minimalism is the go to word when it comes to creating a UX design. Aim to design a clutter-free interface with only absolutely essential elements on display. Keep the content simple and jargon-free and, highlight only the most important aspect of a screen.

3. Progressive Disclosure

Apps with the best user experience (UX) are found to follow this technique. In this technique, options are revealed stage-by-stage, as the interaction progresses. This keeps the interest in your app alive and also gives sufficient time for the user to understand the functions.

4. Keep it smart

Yes! The trick is to make your app smart and user-friendly.  To achieve this, introduce features such as auto-fill, save password, and anything that minimizes user input. Make your app intelligent and do not challenge the user’s intelligence.

5. Familiar Screens

Design your app to include familiar screens and fields – those that users often encounter in all apps. Examples are Home screen, Search field, Notifications, and Help/FAQ. This helps navigation and builds trust quickly.

So, these are the top techniques that will help a beginner design a classy UX for mobile apps.


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