Top Music Apps for iPhone and Android Smartphones


A list of top music apps of recent times that helps listen to their favorite music anytime and at any place.

Music has a soothing effect on the mind of a person which can be extremely relaxing at times. Music has been a part of our culture and tradition since a long time and it is hard to eliminate music from our lives. The advancement of technology has made it possible for people to enjoy their favorite music all the time no matter where they are. The inception of top music apps has offered additional functionalities to end users leading to an enhancing musical experience.

Here are some top music apps for music lovers



Highly rated and downloaded a million times, this app is available at Google Play Store. This app comes with customizable user interface where users can adjust different features like playlists, tone/volume settings and other setting, ratings, forward, rewind, skip, shuffle and many more. Unlike other music apps, PowerAmp comes with equalizer features where one can adjust the sound quality as per the place where the music is played. The app comes with a lock screen widget where the user does not have to unlock the device repetitively. The app is only available for Android platform.



This app is clearly the best example of innovative technology. The greatest feature of this music app is its ability to provide time based suggestions and mood based playlists. These two features make it stand out from amongst other top music apps. The app produces excellent audio streaming quality along with some wonderful music track controls. The app allows user to customize their playlists and share them with the Songza user community. This app is available only for Android devices.

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

Among some of the frequently downloaded music apps, the Pandora Radio is definitely a hot favorite among users. The app is extremely easy to use and has the ability to customize playlists depending on the choice of music of the user. But the free version allows only forty hours of music per month and can be upgraded to the unlimited usage by paying only $0.99. The app is available for iOS platform.

Band of the Day

Band of the Day

This is a wonderful app especially for people who have an affinity towards discovering new music. The app recommends new bands every day and unlike other apps closely curates every song before providing the user with three to five sample songs. The app does not consist of a lot of genres but certainly offers quality service to its users. The app is supported by iOS platform.

Slacker Internet Radio


Top music apps like these remain an all-time favorite for users as they can get access to numerous radio stations of different genres. One can even create customized stations based on selected songs or artists. One can skip a specific song six times within an hour per station and the app is available with Facebook and Twitter integration.


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