Touring the City Of York through Historical App-arition


The Yorkshire Air Museum and the City of York Council have come out with a Hologram Tour app that enables tourists to use holograms as tour guides. Named as the City Of York Hologram Tour, the app guides the tourists with hologram characters that pop out at locations and historic sites around the city.

The latest in the world of travel and sightseeing is UltraReality – a technology that enables tourists to view history live, onsite. The technology involves creating holograms that pop out of the ancient buildings and performing live for the tourists. This technological innovation has revolutionized the way tourists go about sightseeing.

The app will bring well known historic characters of York alive in the form of holograms that will tell and enact their stories to the visitors. It has been designed to launch automatically at specified trigger points around the city.  The hologram characters perform and even allow the user and their accomplices to take photographs with them against historic backdrop.

Designed by app developers at Appeartome, the new technology recognizes locations and sets on and off automatically. It is available on the Apple App Store and will soon be launched on Google Play as well. The free version of the app provides access to 2D and 3D street plans and maps to guide the tourists to the spot of hologram performances. It also guides tourists to the top attractions and hotspots of the city including food and entertainment venues.

The paid version of the app comes at a nominal £ 2.99 and extends features such as 22 holograms, each of 90 second duration performances. The app has paved way for more such apps which will ring in a sea change to the fields of sports and education.

Install – City of York Hologram Tour


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