Applications that can better working experience on Ubuntu


Ubuntu is among the safest OS to work on as it is like UNIX. Here is an Ubuntu apps list that describes some useful applications. This Ubuntu apps list has only the popular applications.

Ardesia Desktop Sketchpad

This application lets its users to annotate on digital matter in freehand style. Highlighting and emphasising can be easily and efficiently done with it. It can be used to attach ideas wherever users want to or create tutorials and presentations with personal effect. Online presentation is also facilitated by Ardesia. Documents with freehand annotation can also be shared through a common network too.



It deletes unwanted files to release memory and maintains privacy. It can remove broken shortcuts, cache, cookies, internet history and temporary files.It can be used to clean Adobe Reader, Firefox, Google Earth, Opera, RealPlayer, Bash, Beagle, Epiphany, GIMP, Open Office, RPMBuild, Second Life Viewer, VIM, XChat, etc.BleachBit wipes traces of previously deleted files to maintain privacy and image compression, shreds arbitrary files securely and vacuums Firefox database without deleting data for improvement of performance.



It is an application launcher, a clock, a CPU monitor, a running-application manager and a weather reporter. Integration helpers for Banshee, Deluge, Rhythmbox, Tomboy, Zeitgeist, etc. are included in its package. Thus, more information can be displayed by the modification of icons or extra items can be added to context menus by integrating applications with Docky.



It tracks finance in multiple accounts and keeps running while maintaining reconciled balance. This application is suitable for accounting functions of individuals or small enterprises.It features X-based GUI, double entry, account hierarchy and expense accounts. Quicken QIF and OFX files can be imported with the help of this application.It is small but complete for customers, employees and vendors alike.



It is one of those applications that are used as launcher of various digital applications. It searches and initiates the specific item for users to let save their time and concentration.


Screen Ruler

It is a simple ruler that can be used to measure digital items on the screen. Centimetres,inches, picas, pixels, points and percentage of the ruler are the metrics in which this application can measure.



It is an editorial application for screenshots. Users can capture shot of the entire screen, specific area of the screen or of a webpage. Highlighting, emphasising and other editorial effects can be applied with the help of it.The edited screenshots can be uploaded to image hosting websites directly through Shutter.


Applications that are included inthis Ubuntu apps list are not the only efficient ones but there are several that might be equally good.


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