Steps to follow to Unlock Android Phone Forgot Pattern


Android phones have a feature that allows users to save a pattern in place of password. The pattern-code system does seem dynamic, but it is quite natural to forget the pattern, which means one might be restricted to access his or her own phone. The situation seems more horrific when the mobile phone does not have any physical button at all. However, there is a solution to unlock android phone forgot pattern.

When the logon pattern is forgotten, users have to continue to enter patterns until the phone prompts with ‘forgot password’ or ‘forgot pattern’. Forgot password has to be clicked when prompted. It opens a new page where the user is asked to enter Google account details along with password. Users have to enter the same account details and password by which the device has been registered with Google. For this, users have to be connected with a network. After successful verification of details, the phone prompts to reset pattern.

Those users who forget the Google account details too have to take a step more. They have to visit to reset their Google password, which they can then use for ‘forgot password’ prompt.

A worse scenario to unlock android phone forgot pattern could be rejection of Google account details by the phone even though it is entered correctly. In this case, users will have to create a new password specifically for the device. Its link can be found at the bottom of If the option is not provided at this link then can be used. The password thus generated and the Google ID has to be then entered and the foremost step has to be followed.

However, these steps are helpful to unlock android phone forgot pattern only in the availability of network connection. The worst case is the unavailability of network connection, which leaves only one choice for the user to unlock android phone forgot pattern – factory reset. It has to be mentioned that all data gets removed by factory reset. However, users can secure the data that is stored on SD card, if they remove it from the device before initiating reset.

Devices that have physical buttons can be reset by press-holding the home button and power button together until the format progress appears. There is another way for devices that do not have physical buttons. Users will have to press reset pinhole with the help of a pin while the power button and the volume keys are kept pressed. Once reset completes, the device’s memory is refreshed as it was during purchase. Therefore, data backup is recommended for these devices.


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