Which 2013 Smartphone is the Best for Gaming?


It used to be that your mobile phone was strictly used for making calls. However, today’s smartphones are definitely a step ahead. These phones have been designed so that they can perform many of the same functions as a personal computer. One of the top uses for these phones is for gaming. However, not all smartphones work as well for gaming applications. For this reason, it is important to know which smartphones are better for gaming.

iPhone – Best for Gaming Enthusiasts

iPhone usually tops the list for an ideal gaming phone and the current model, iPhone 5S is no exception. The latest smartphone by Apple is loaded with more features than in any other iPhone model. One feature of this phone that can helpful to gamers is the fingerprint scanner button. This newly designed home button only lets the phone unlock with the owner’s fingerprint. This means you do not need to worry about others discovering your passcode and accessing your device. For those who play casino games, this can be helpful as they often play for real money. Upping the phone’s security protects one’s information and bank roll.

Specifications for High Speed Gaming

The processor found in the iPhone 5S is a newly designed one. The 64-bit A7 processor was a needed upgrade to accommodate the fingerprint reader. What this means for gamers is an even more responsive phone with fewer delays. Games can start up and run rather quickly. Apps launch faster than ever and web pages do as well. To further illustrate the importance of this upgrade, some independent reviewers performed benchmark tests comparing the iPhone 5S with the previous model, the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S completed its test in just 417 milliseconds while the iPhone 5, took almost twice as long at 721 milliseconds. If you are a gamer and have been contemplating if the upgrade is for you, the answer is a resounding yes.


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