Coolest Window Vista Applications


The Windows Vista operating system is one of the most interactive operating systems ever launched by the Windows. The best thing thing about the Windows Vista is that it offers more interactive and vibrant supplementary functionality compared to the previous versions of Windows Operating Systems. The windows vista applications provide the overall finest computing experience to its users. There are a whole bunch of interactive applications that are precisely designed for windows vista and upgrading your operating system with the windows vista will surely give you the best computing experience that is much more enjoyable. These cool applications makes windows vista something more than just another new operating system.

Windows Vista Applications

This article contains some of the best Windows Vista applications tools for Windows Vista. Some of the applications are just the program upgrades that will make you fall in love with them, and most of these applications are precisely designed for Windows Vista Operating System. These applications vary from gaming to photo editing to daily planning and messaging. These applications are the elements that make Windows Vista the most enjoyable than the other previous Operating System versions.

Some of the best windows vista applications

News Reading

The news reading application in the all new Windows Vista Operating System is a joint projection taken up by the New York Times and the Microsoft. This Windows Vista power-driven newsreader is an aggregator of the RSS that is precisely created for the well renowned newspaper of New York City and the United States. The users will definitely love this application after they find out the news, up-to-the-minute headlines and the pictures of the incidents in an optimized window. The application is fashioned to get rid of the continuous vertical scrolling that includes pointers that help the users to navigate in the way of reading a conventional newspaper. In addition to that, the readers are also able to print the articles and e-mails or save them to make the desired notations with the digital pen or with the keyboard.

Planning Application

The award winning software application on productivity named the planplus v.4.1 for the Microsoft outlook and the planplus v.5.1 are now available in their updated versions that goes in the improvement of the Windows Vista platform. Planplus provides the Windows Vista interface with a good independent planning system, which has the traits of the digital ink hold up throughout the application. The application also includes paper planner for organizing the calendar, together with the text conversion from handwriting. Also this digital ink hold up supports the Tablet PC users in order that they are to take down the notes. Lastly, the planplus application enables the users to quickly check on their tasks on the task list of planplus.

Photo Editing

The Adobe’s free upgrade for Windows Vista will help the users to keep and run the elements of adobe Photoshop even if the user is jumping from XP or other OS to Windows Vista. This upgrade will aid the users to carry out numerous easy and speedy photo editing. Also sharpening the blurry edges, correcting distortion due to the Lens, and other tricks of the professional photography like the elimination of the red eye effect.


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