6 Popular Yoga Apps and Their Features


One hates to associate yoga with technology, as it requires one to be in a “divine” state completely cut-off from the noisy world out there. But these days, there’s been a new collection of yoga apps that allows one to bring out their inner yogis and be ready to face any hard tasks from “The Taskmaster” at their workplace or at home. Some of the most popular yoga apps are:

1. Office Yoga

Office Yoga


This iOS app comes in the form of e-deck of cards, with instructions for 75 yoga poses which can be a perfect solution for all the desk-workers out there, who are looking to stretch from their table. It is useful for beginners as well as the experts. The exercises are organized for a varied range of situations such as commute exercises, waking stretches, on-the-phone stretches etc. It comes in colorful illustrations and the exercises can be practiced anywhere-from the conference room to the elevator. One of the best yoga apps out there!

2. YOGAmazing



It’s an ideal app for those who want to fit yoga in their busy schedule. It comes in with 50 full yoga-video sessions and an amazing artwork. The duration of the videos are of 25 minutes each which help one to bring balance to their body, soul and mind. Plus, it has a Call-in feature which enables one to interact with the instructor.

3. Universal Breathing – Pranayama

Universal Breathing – Pranayama


Not all yoga classes allow people to explore the breathing techniques (pranayama) because of their limited time-schedule. This app comes to their rescue, as it helps to improve the user’s health and reduce the stress in an amazing manner, by following some simple yet effective steps in deep breathing.

4. MINDBODY yoga



This iOS app helps one to find, book, register and pay for yoga on-demand. It uses the GPS location to find out all the classes, studios and centers that are nearby to a person along with the charges. An ideal app for the travelers!

5. Yoga Sutras

Yoga Sutras


This app doesn’t show the various meditating poses and techniques, but it is more like a knowledge book, which helps one to gather ideas about the benefits and advantages of yoga and practicing and popularizing it among their family and friends. It comes along with the Sanskrit text with translation by Tom Egenes, a Sanskrit professor.

6. iVeda



Known to be the oldest form of healthcare in the world, the teachings of Ayurveda is now in the palm of one’s hand. It doesn’t function like an e-book, but rather acts as a tool for one’s own personal consultation. It helps one to discover the inner intuitions and how one can keep it in balance. Additionally it also gives an overview of Ayurveda.


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